Mountaineering in Sikkim

Mountaineering in SikkimSikkim is blessed with world famous Himalayas and offers plethora of scope for adventure sports like mountaineering. Among the variety of adventure sports, mountaineering in Sikkim is gaining immense popularity year-by-year. Jopuno, Tinchenkhang, Frey’s Peak, Lamo Angden and Byrmkhangse are the popular peaks of Sikkim where mountaineering is allowed. One can undertake mountaineering in these peaks with special permits from the concerned authority.

May to October is the ideal season for mountaineering in Sikkim.


I. As per the notification of the Government of Sikkim, Home Department, the following peaks have been declared open for Alpine Expedition with effect from 17th September, 2005.

  Name of the Peak Location Grade
1. Frey’s Peak (5830 meters) Chaurigang, West Sikkim AD+
2. Lama Wangden (5868 meters) Lachen, North Sikkim AD
3. Brumkhangse (5635 meters) Yumthang, North Sikkim D

II. The permit for these Alpine Expeditions is issued by the Home Department. The royalty shall be paid under the Revenue Head of Forest, Environment and Wildlife Management Department.

III. The following royalty shall be levied for the expedition
(a) For foreign expedition team: US $350 per team of up to four members, US $500 per team of up to eight members and US $75 for every additional member.

(b) For domestic expedition team: Rs. 15,000/- per team of up to eight members and Rs. 1,500/- for every additional member.

(c) For local expedition team: Rs. 3,000/- per team of up to eight members and Rs. 300/- for every additional member.

IV. The tour operator shall be responsible for rescue operation, if any. The Tourism and Civil Aviation Department, however, shall render all legitimate assistance to the tour operators including coordination with different agencies.

V. The tour operator conducting expedition shall scrupulously adhere to the code of conduct for eco-tourism in Sikkim and abide by all the terms and conditions laid down by the State Government for conducting the expedition. The code of conduct and terms and conditions will be enclosed with the permit for Alpine Expedition. The violation of any of the conditions and code of conduct shall debar the tour operator from conducting further expedition/s.

The Tourism and Civil Aviation Department will be responsible for ensuring that the trekking/expedition routes are kept litter free and conduct periodical cleaning operations, if necessary.

VI. The following minimum insurance coverage is compulsory. (a) Expedition members : Rs. 3 lakhs per member.
(b) Camp crews : Rs. 1 lakh per person.
(c) Porters : Rs. 50,000/- per person.
(d) Animals : Rs. 20,000/- per animal.

VII. A total of 10 expeditions (6 foreign and 4 domestic) shall be permitted per year. However, the State Government may permit expedition, if such situation arises.

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Alpine Expedition



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