Hee-Bermiock Heritage & Tourism Festival

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A tiny hamlet in West Sikkim, Hee Bermiock hosts the annual Heritage & Tourism Festival on the 10th to the 13th of May, showcasing the indigenous and traditional culture of the state. Organized by the Hee-Bermoik Tourism Development Cultural and Heritage Conservation Society, with the gleaming Khangchendzonga at the backdrop, the festival transports visitors at least three decades back where the entire community worked together in the fields and community dance and songs were the only form of entertainment. Traditional houses of many local communities are put up and inside these houses and inside these houses, local cuisine and brew is offered to the visitors. The Festival has a string of attractions lined up with traditional food and drinks stalls to delight the palate. The organizers have also provided the tourists and visitors with home stay and camping facilities at Gufa Dara.



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