Bhutia Folk Dances

:: Denzong-Neh-Na ::

This group dance comprising of boys and girls is performed to pay homage to the past saints such as Guru Rimpoche and present saints in order to get their blessings. The musical instruments which support the graceful steps of the dancers are: Flute, Yangjey, Drum and Yarka. 

:: Ta-Shi-Yang-Ku ::

A group of boys and girls through this dance try to invoke benign deities to shower fortunes on their home. They remember some animal deities also to bring good fortune and prosperity to the people. It is also performed during the consecration of a new house and to bless a newly married couple.

:: Tashi Shabdo ::

This age old group dance beautifully and gracefully shows the custom of offering Khadas (scarf) on auspicious occasion. The white scarf exchanged by the members of the group during the course of dance is basically a symbol of peace, purity and prosperity. The dancers dance to the melodious tunes duly supported by musical instruments such as Yarka, Drum, Flute and Yangjey. 

:: Guru-Chinlap ::

Through this particular group dance performed by boys and girls, due respect is shown to the various Buddhist Gurus and Saints of Sikkim and their blessing is requested for overall peace, prosperity and happiness. Exchange of Khadas also takes place between the dancers during the course of the dance.

:: Singhi Chham :: Singhi Chham

In this group dance five boys led by a herdsman dance like legendary Snowlion. The snowlion is a significant cultural symbol of the state. The presence of two snowlions dancing under the guidance of a herdsman looks extremely attractive and enchanting to the viewers. Musical instruments (without any songs) used are Drum, Cymbal, Yarka and Yangjey.



:: Yak Chham ::

Through this group dance performed by four male dancers under the command of a herdsman, utility of Yak for a common man living in high altitude areas is shown. The dance begins in slow and measured steps to the clash of cymbals and the sound of the trumpets. The group dance always makes a powerful impact on the audience and appears very attractive to the children. Though Chhams are performed in all the monasteries of Sikkim, the ones performed at Pemayangtse, Rumtek and Enchey being more impressive draw large audience.

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