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Sikkim Hot Springs

Sikkim has many hot springs known for their therapeutic value. High in Sulphur content, the waters are believed to have great medicinal properties with the average temperature of the water in these hot springs close to 50c.

There are some well known hot springs in North Sikkim. The Yumthang Hot Spring is located some distance away from Yumthang village. To reach the hot spring one has to walk a few hundred yards from the road and across a pedestrian bridge on the River Lachung. For the convenience of bathers, there is a hut with two pools which contains hot spring water. Hot water rich in sulphuretted hydrogen gas from a spring just behind the hut and is diverted to the pools.

A 25 kilometre drive up from Yumthang takes you to the Yume Samdong Hot Spring at the base of the Donkia-la Pass. Sikkim Hot Springs

Another popular hot spring is the Reshi Hot Spring, located about 25 kms from Gyalshing, near Reshi, on the banks of the Rangeet River. The water of these springs, being high in sulphur is believed to have special curative powers for skin diseases. There are trekkers' huts for the convenience of the tourists. Close by is Kah-do Sang phu or the cave of the occult fairies considered sacred by the people.

Borong and Ralong Hot Springs are located within a distance of 7 kms from each other. Popular with visitors from all over the region, these natural spas are said to have curative powers. Ralang Cha-chu can be reached after an hour long walk from Ralong monastery while Borang Cha-chu is reached after a 7 km drive to Ralong and then a 40 min walk downhill. For overnight stay temporary huts are available but you have to carry your own bedding and cooking utensils.





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