Teesta River

Sikkim has two main rivers, the Teesta and the Rangeet, both of which are formed at high altitudes and flow in a generally southern direction till they converge at the confluence near Melli.

Rangeet River The source of the Teesta is the pristine Tso Lhamu Lake in North Sikkim, some 5,300 metres above sea level. The glacial waters then move downwards to meet Zemu Chu just above Lachen village and then rushing down deep gorges it meets Lhachung Chu at Chungthang. At Mangan, the river is joined by the Talung Chu as it continues its journey down, finally reaching Singtam in East Sikkim, becoming slower and widening to almost double its width. Further down at Melli, the Teesta merges with the river Rangeet which is born of the Rathong glacier in West Sikkim, before entering the plains of North Bengal and eventually joining Brahmaputra in Bangladesh.