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Music and Dance

Music and Dance

The three ethnic communities, Lepcha, Bhutia and Nepalis constitute the folk dances and songs which are an ingrained part of Sikkimese culture. This music and folk dances relate to the beauty of the natural surroundings, depicting the harvest season and are performed for good luck and prosperity. Some of the popular music and folk dances are described below.

Nepali folk dance “Maruni” – It is one of the oldest and popular group dance form of the Nepali community, usually performed by three male dancers and the three female dancers. The dancers are usually accompanied by a clown called “Dhatu waray”. Sometimes Maruni dances are performed to the accompaniment of the nine instrument orchestra known as “Nau-mati Baja”.

Nepali folk dance “Tamamg Selo”-This group dance of Tamang community is performed to the rhythmic sound of “Dhamphu”, a musical instrument and hence are also called “Dhamphu “ dance.

Bhutia folk dance”Tashi Sabdo”-This age old group dance beautifully and gracefully shows the customs of offering khadas (Scarfs) 0n auspicious occasion. The dancers dance to the melodious tunes dully supported by musical instrument such as Yarkha, Drum, Flute and Yangjey.