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Amongst all type of Adventure Tourism, Paragliding holds its own special place – it is simply free flying with the aid of simple-shaped craft parachutes. Flying like a bird high up above in the sky from where you can see almost everything and everyon...


5°C to 25°C

(March to june)

5°C to 20°C

(July to September)

-7°C to 5°C

(October to Feburary)


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Many people are motivated by the desire to learn new things and so are the tourists. Engaging in experience educationally increases ones knowledge about a product or service he wants to consume. As a result, he or she will go for the best quality when looking for any commodity or services.

In Sikkim, many tourist establishments provide their customers or the tourists with tourist guidelines and brochures indicating the animals, activities and people to expect in a given tourist establishment . Depending on how these brochures are appealing tourists may feel more attracted to a given place and that particular place will have more demand amongst tourists...